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  • EGR 101 Midterm

    EGR 101 Midterm

    EGR 101 DESIGN PROJECT Description: Airplane Design With MATLAB For my EGR 101 Airplane design project, my team decided to design the plane off of theoretical mathematical efficiency. For the project I wrote a MATLAB program to automatically optimize our aircraft from a series of equations designed to roughly estimate aircraft performance characteristics. Later into… Read more

  • EGR 115 Final

    EGR 115 Final

    EGR 115 FINAL PROJECT Description: Database Creation in MATLAB For my EGR 115 final, I decided to make an extensible database management system. This MATLAB program is capable of generating, saving, editing, sorting, and interpreting save files that represent player data in a hypothetical video game. Assignment EGR 115, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Project Duration: 2… Read more